Xi’an and access

Xi’an and access


Xi’an is the cradle of Chinese civilization in China and the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. Xi'an is a living tapestry of Chinese history. The Terracotta Warriors dating from the Qin Dynasty (221 – 206 BC) is one of the eight wonders in the world. During 3100 years development, 13 dynasties placed capitals in Xi’an. Nowadays, Xi’an has become a central city in 7 main regions of China.

  • Climate

Xi’an is dry and windy with some chances of heavy rains in mid October. The average temperature in May is about 20°C, with the high reaching 26°C and low at 14°C.

  • Electricity

The electric current used in China is 220V 50Hz. Hotels provide 220V and 110V (shavers only) power outlets. Please note that plug adapters and converters might be required.

  • Currency and Exchange

The national Chinese currency is Renminbi (RMB). All payments for goods and services throughout China must be done in Renminbi Yuan, or by major credit cards. Most shopping malls, hotels and restaurants accept major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Master Card, and JCB. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks or currency exchange offices at the airport or hotels. Exchange rates are always posted.

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